Unit 1 - Arts Challenge, Reviews and Research

Arts Challenge - In this section of my Silver Arts Award, I have set myself a challenge in a chosen arts activity, either to learn a new skill or to improve already acquired qualities. I have planned and reviewed my achievements and shown my progress on this website.

Part A - Reasons for why chosen, reflections on your arts strengths and weaknesses.
Part B - Action plan, timetable, evidence and samples of work, final report on achievement.

Arts Events - I have attended live arts events such as shows, exhibitions and events, as well as arts events that I have taken part in. I have reviewed some of these and shared them to others both during Arts Award sessions, on the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre website and on this website.

Part C - Review of an Arts Event and sharing with others.

Arts Research - Here, I have found out about arts activities in my area and beyond by getting involved, or by interviewing people. I have researched arts training opportunities and jobs to give me an insight of what is available to me in the future.

Part D - Research into artists/arts organisations and how to get involved