I have now collected a variety of comments and reviews from both peers and participants on my Leadership. 

Comments and reviews that I have received are as follows:

Grace - I felt that this leadership was a very inspiring and innovative idea. Once again, like her challenge, Georgina put in a lot of detail. Georgina was very organised in completing her leadership project and did this very efficiently and this continued all the way through her project. It was a fantastic idea to put letters in a book and the final product really does represent how much work and dedication Georgina put into her project.

HannahI really liked Gina's challenge, it was a great idea to gather all the letters together. Her ideas were very original and I look forward to seeing the finished product with everybodys letters together! 

Lucy - I thought it was a very original and interesting idea that everyone could really get into and relate to. It was fun to do and with all the letters together it made a really strong and moving collection :)the book was very professional looking and well organised - maybe there could have been a few more photos? other than that its very hard to criticise - a wonderful idea that was brilliantly and maturely executed :D Very well done Georgina. 

Alex - It was a really good idea and well put together

Mr. Massey - The book was professional and made the letters seem endorsed and something you want to keep to. Though keeping the handwritten letters were a very good idea as it showed penmanship and personality, perhaps a side note with what the letter said would be handy, as some may find it difficult to read them. Also, there is one mistake, but overall a very good final product.

Jess - I thought it looked really professional, expensive and well-made. And the pictures were good too because they added variety. 

Beth - It was presented really well and set out well. For improvements, it could have been a little bigger and perhaps more photos to go with the letters.

Sallyann - I thought that this book was a brilliant concept. The letters from the subjects are imaginative and thought-provoking. It certainly provides food for thought. I think that this book has been well thought out and is very tempting to read. The only thing wrong with this book is that it should be longer as it grips you and you want to read more - a sign of a good book.

Catherine - The project was well planned and carried out, keeping to the timings that she had set out. The idea was interesting and thought-provoking and the final product was professional and was brilliant to see your own work in print. All parts of the book were considered, from the copyright to the introduction, from the acknowledgements to the letters themselves, and just shows that Georgina cared a lot for this project.

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