While out celebrating a friend's birthday today at the cinemas I found myself sitting alone at one of the tables. Looking around, the colours of the objects around me stood out, and the emptiness of the cinema also reminded me of those lonely times in life, when there is no one around. 

The pictures also represent how much cinemas are becoming such a large part in young people's lives.

I feel that with the right effects these pictures can be altered to portray a variety of feelings:
  • Loneliness in life - when we are single, or have lost those that are dear to us.
  • Alienation by friends, especially during teenage years.
  • How people can sometimes feel as if everyone is against them.
  • Isolation
  • The need for lots of people, friends and acquaintances.

Time taken = 5 minutes

Total time taken = 1 hour 45 minutes.

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