This blog will be used as a diary for both my Arts Challenge and Arts Leadership and you can search by topics to see entries on just either of those. Periodically this blog may also be used to describe any Arts events and reviews, as well as my research into Arts Pathways. 
I plan to spend approximately 45minutes - 1 hour for 13 weeks on this project. This time each week will be spent on taking photographs, choosing the best one and editing them. However photographs may be taken and edited out of order or not edited on the same week as they are photographed. 

I have not taken into account when I may be unable to work on the Project and so I will cross those bridges when I come to them.

As I plan to start this project week commencing 5th October 2009, I should be finished week commencing 28th December 2009. However this is unlikely as I have GCSE mocks for the whole month of November as well as Christmas in late December and so it is likely that more than 5 weeks will have to be added into the length of the project (not accommodating for the 6 GCSE exams I have in January) so the Challenge may not actually finish until late March/early April.

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