I've now managed to acquire photos for all stages of my Challenge, completing my last 4: Birth, Childhood, Marriage and Pensioner. 
  • The photo of the mushroom, I am going to use for the childhood stage. To a child, mushrooms like these are often known as 'magic mushrooms' and represent that imaginative and creative time of a child's life where they believe in magic and fantasy and all that the world can offer them.
  • The second photo, I am going to use for birth. The sign saying 'New Life' represents birth - every birth is the beginning of a new life, and also as this will be the first photo in the album, the arrow pointing to the right works well to progress to the other photos.
  • The third photo, I am going to use for the Pensioner stage. Cameos often give the impression of being vintage and old, and until they recently came back into fashion, were worn mostly by those of the older generation.
  • The last photo, of the Eiffel Tower, I am going to use for the Marriage section - Paris is often called the City of Love and as the Eiffel Tower is such a symbol of the city, I thought this would be a good photo to use.

Time Taken: 15 minutes
Total Time Taken: 8 hours 45 minutes

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