The Little Shop of Horrors

I went to see this musical on 15th October 2009 at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre and I sat on the front row. While usually the front row seats are the best seats in the house, in this show they are not as the stage is raised due to actors needing to crawl underneath once 'eaten' by Audrey II, and so when the actors were standing at the back of the stage it was often difficult to see them.

Little Shop of Horrors is about an under-performing florist shop with three worker, when the slightly, weedy, worker finds 'Audrey II' and helps it to nourish - however only after realising it's desire for human blood. The plant goes from strength to strength and word soon gets out about it and the shop becomes famous and profits are rolling in, however as Audrey II grows and grows it needs more and more human blood and more often to keep itself going...

Regardless of the fact that I sometimes had to strain to see the actors I really enjoyed the show. The musical numbers were creative and very well song (however, Clare Buckfield's voice sometimes got on my nerves) and the scenery and props were used to a great advantage - especially that of the spinning backdrops so they could use an outdoor setting, inside of the shop and inside of the Dentist's surgery.

While all of the cast performed to the best of their ability, credit has to go to Clive Rowe who played the voice of Audrey II - and who we didn't see until all of the cast came on stage at the end of the show (apart from those of us on the front row who could see him on the conductor's screen) - as well as the three women singers who acted as narrators for the story, who all put their all into the show.

While there are some adult themes and dance moves in the show I would most certainly recommend it to others, it certifies you in for a night of laughs, singing and at sometimes fright and is a musical like none other!