Killing Time

This show was the last in the series at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s summer dramas and was shown during the week of Tuesday 21st and Saturday 25th July 2009; I went to see the show on Tuesday 22nd and sat on row J in the stalls. The cast was much smaller than the two previous shows with only two cast members:

»        Huw Higginson
»        Hannah Waterman

The action of this whole play takes place in the living room of a richly-furnished house and a (at first seemingly) chance encounter at the supermarket brings Rick and Jane together after Jane loses her purse and is unable to pay for her goods. The show has more twists and turns than is expected and I found that it was quite impossible to follow the story and by the end wasn’t much the wiser to what had taken place, apart from the fact that the ‘chance’ encounter at the supermarket had all been set up by Rick who knew Jane’s husband, whom he had had ‘deed’s’ with in the past. Rick himself had a dirty past, and we later learn that Jane also did. Both Rick and Jane have continuous secrets to reveal and the psychological upper hand is passed between the two characters throughout the entire play.

This drama was definitely my least favourite of the three, and by the interval, not knowing what was going on in the production, I was eagerly looking forward to the finish, fortunately it was the shortest play. Any play or drama is quite difficult to pull off with as few as two characters, there can be little change of purpose with no one to intrude on what is happening and what with the increasingly complicated back story of both of the characters, it was very hard to follow who each of them really were.

One of the main points I’d heard about before seeing the show was that it would keep the audience guessing until the end; however I found it very difficult to interpret what I was meant to be guessing at, and by the end of the play I still didn’t know what I was meant to have been guessing.

However, credit where credit is due, the two cast members, Huw and Hannah, both gave their utmost to pull the play off and even if I didn’t fully understand the plot I was able to see their excellent acting and see that they loved the storyline as much as they loved actually performing in it. Huw and Hannah pulled the play off well, and during the times I did understand the story I saw that the tension, as well as the murder undertones, as well as the dark pasts was present at all times and was perfectly portrayed.

While I wouldn’t recommend this play to people of my own age, I know that my Dad did enjoy the show and I think it is aimed for older audiences and especially those who are already interested and enjoy watching crime thrillers. Overall, while I am glad I went to see the show I doubt I would go to see it again.