After watching every episode of Dinnerladies, any fan of the TV series would be intrigued by this stage adaptation of the show; and they certainly would not be disappointed! The play takes place over a year, and is actually a number of the TV show’s episodes from throughout Series 1 & 2 strung together to make the play.   

None of the cast were able to dissatisfy the audience. Andrew Dunn (Tony), Shobna Gulati (Anita) and Sue Devaney (Jane) who were all from the TV cast of the series played true to their characters as they did on the show and the rest of the company were so akin to the original cast, both in appearance and voice, that it felt as if you were just watching a recording of the original show. The chemistry and behaviour between them all was easy to see and showed the audience what we all saw on TV.  

While much of the dialogue wasn’t for younger audiences, this was not to say that the audience didn’t appreciate the jokes. A great deal of the show rests heavily on word play and all of the audience did not hesitate to laugh whenever they wanted to, much to the delight of the cast.  

The supporting cast are as essential as the main stars are and the story is both comical and emotional. This show is a must see for fans old and new!