Arts Leadership

Project Overview

I recently bought a book entitled 'Dear Me: A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self' and from this I gained an idea for my Arts Leadership. I have decided to produce a book of letters. These letters will be written by friends of mine and acquaintances as well as family members, and if at all possible advertised elsewhere so that I can get people I do not know to give me an input as well, and the letters will be to a past self. There will most likely be two categories for these letters:
  • For those 21 years of age and older they will be asked to write letters to their sixteen year old self.
  • For those 15-20 years of age they will be asked to write letters to their eleven year old self.

To achieve this I would produce an online forum where participants can gain ideas from others and from examples and where they can send me their finished letters. This forum can then be advertised in other places online (for example, social networking sites such as Facebook, and other forums) and so a wider range of people can be brought in of different age groups, not just from the people I know.

Once I have finished the project I hope to put all of the letters together with an introduction written by myself in a book. I am planning on doing this by using online publishers such as Blurb and then include this with my finished Silver Arts Award Portfolio.

Project Plan

My Role in the Project
In this Project I will be leading it on my own, I will take responsibility for all aspects of the Project and organise it all myself. My role will to be to set up the forum and advertise to my friends, family and acquaintances to be involved with the Project. I will then advertise on sites such as Facebook and get into contact with other forum owners about advertising my forum on their site. Following this I will maintain my responsibility by keeping everybody on track of deadlines and help them in producing their letters, and then making sure they hand their letters into me. Finally I will organise getting the letters published into a book and having this book made.
For this project, I will need a computer which I do have, to create a forum, people to participate in the project and then an online publisher who will be able to create the final project which I will explain to them. For this publishing part I will need publishing software on my computer where I will have to create the book and then send it off for it to be produced - this can be acquired from Blurb free of charge, however there will be a small fee for the production of the book. The forum can also be created free of charge form sites such as ProBoards and InvisionFree
Here this is not much to consider as I will not be meeting up with the people to run workshops etc however there is the case of child safety especially on the internet, and so I am going to ask that when people on the forum are submitting their letters to me they do so via email or private message on the forum so that nobody else can see the letters. The forum may still be used to discuss ideas and for general chat at their own discretion.
To collect feedback for my project I will ask everybody to complete a questionnaire that I will have devised for their thoughts on how well the project went, how well they thought I ran it and how they think it could have been improved. There will also be a space on the forum for people throughout the time of the project to leave their feedback and so I will also take this into account.
In my project, there will not be an audience as a such but rather a large number of participants. The exact number is impossible at this stage to acquire as some people may not want to take part. However for estimates I am expecting around 30-40, 20 is the minimum however if there are a larger number of people that wish to take part I will be happy to take any entries and produce them in the final book. These people will be people I know - family, friends and acquaintances - and perhaps those that I do not - those who gained knowledge of the project through social networking sites and other forums.
To start off with I will just try to gain interest in the project to see the numbers I have so that I know whether I have enough participants. I'm hoping that this will take 1-2 weeks at the most so I can continue on with the project. Once I have enough interest I will aim to give the participants approximately 3 weeks to gain ideas and write their letters and send them into me. This will then give me time to read over all of the letters and get into contact with people if I wish them to change or alter a part if it is not suitable, and this should perhaps take a week. This will also give flexibility for those that heard about the project late and want to join in. Once I have enough participants to get started I will schedule a final deadline for five weeks after that date so that latecomers can still join in and get their contributions to me.

Following this I will once more look over the letters for last minute changes and then produce the book using the software on my computer, and I anticipate that this should take 1 week. The site suggests that the books are publish 7-10 days after your order. Once this is complete the project will be complete.

By taking the high estimate (however there still may be unforeseen circumstances when the project is put back) this should take me 10 weeks to complete.
For evidence during the project I will keep a blog of when I reach the different milestones such as gaining enough participation and receiving entries, and also take screenshots of the forum to show it at different stages, as well as including a link to the forum so that the progress of discussions is visible. Furthermore, the final book will be evidence of all the work people have put into it.