For the University part of life I decided to use a photo from Tottenham Court Road. This photograph depicts a part of the underground and on the walls of the corridor are advertisements for films, shows, musicals, and bands. I thought that this illustrates a large part of university life - the entertainment and fun aspects, the culture part of university.

For this photograph I turned the background black and white to make it less prominent but kept the colour of the advertisements. Then I brightened the advertisements, before increasing the saturation of their colour. Before finally adding a slight warming filter to make the advertisements seem more inviting and appealing as this is what they set out to do - attract young people, especially students, to pay to see the films and shows so that they can gain profit. This one took me a particular length of time as I needed to cut each advertisement carefully and make sure the image was still clear and bright after the adjusments.

Time taken = 1 hour

Total time taken = 8 hours 30 minutes