To start off my Arts Challenge I have chosen a picture of a flower I took a couple of days ago. At first I thought this could be the cover photo for the project, a flower symbolising a lot of things about life, however now I think I may use it towards the later part of the album, due to the state of the life the flower itself was in when I took the photo. 

While the effects are not yet finalised I have edited the same photo a couple of times with different lighting effects and blurs to achieve a few different images from which I will pick the one I think works best. 

I never just edit the photo the one way, but rather do it a few times to see what can be achieved and then work on the photos from there. In this way, often, one photo could be used to generate a number of different pictures from different eras/ages/life stages. 

Time taken = 1 hour.

Total Time taken = 1 hour.