As previously stated, for the generic Childhood section of my portfolio, I used the photograph of the mushroom, as this symbolises how children believe in make-believe and fantasy and how everything is real to them, as well as the age old games played with the 'magic mushrooms'. 

To edit this photograph, I first increased the saturation of the top of the mushroom and increasing the contrast. I then increased the brightness of the bottom of the mushroom. Following this I decreased the brightness of the rest of the image - the grass behind the mushroom. I then created a brush on Adobe Photoshop CS3 and using this brush made the sparkles swirling around the mushroom. Following this I put an outer glow coloured pink, around the sparkles.
I believe that these effects add to the fantasy and magical worlds that are open to children and the photo represents the imagination and creativity that is common in children.

Time Taken: 1 hour
Total Time Taken: 9 hours 45 minutes
About to edit some of my original photos I came across the photos I had taken a while ago of the tomatoes. Seeing the one with the three tomatoes up close reminded me of youth, and growing up, especially with the red, ripe tomato behind the two smaller green tomatoes in front. 

For this photograph I mainly just edited the brightness and contrast of the picture as well as adding a bright backlight to make the three tomatoes stand out. I also sharpened the photograph. I hope that this picture portrays how while growing up we always want freedom, but our parents or somebody to watch over us is always close behind, we're never truly free as there is always somebody watching out for us. I am planning on using this photograph for the School part of Childhood.

Time taken = 1 hour

Total time taken = 5 hour 15 minutes