For the Birth stage of the album, the first photo, I used the photograph with the sign saying 'New Life'. As every birth is new life and that's how the world evolves.

To edit this photo, I increased the saturation and brightness of the sign before creating two gradient layers. The first layer had a linear black to white gradient, then I altered the polar co-ordinates so the gradient went from rectangular to polar so that white was in the middle, black around the edges as if light was coming from the centre. I then made the gradient into an overlay so the original photo was visible. With the second layer, I made a radial white to orange gradient so that the centre of the gradient was white and the outside was orange. I then again made this an overlay so that the layers underneath were visible.
I believe this photo works for the Birth stage of life as, like previously stated, the sign reading 'New Life' represents Birth and the sun coming through the clouds is as if good is coming, something new and better is on the way, which is, ultimately, what birth is.

Time Taken: 45 minutes
Total Time Taken: 10 hours 30 minutes