I have already started to receive some letters back from those that I have asked to participate and I now have 7 letters, all of which I am keeping private for safety (especially for those under 16) and for the privacy of others. As for many the due date for the letters is this coming Friday I'm hoping that I receive some more over the next week.
I've managed to hand out about 50 letters asking people to participate in my Leadership. I do not know the exact number of people who will actually give me back a letter though the majority of people did show an interest in partaking in the project. I have given some people the letter via email or Facebook and some in person and I've approached people of all different ages. I have given some letters to those younger than the lower bound age limit (15) however I think this will only help the result as it will show how views of our younger years change as we get older.

The date that I have asked for the entries in by most people is 19th March, however, as some letters were handed out later to some people, that date has been extended to 26th March and in particular cases 2nd April.
I have spent the last week researching book publishing companies and appear to have come up with my favourite and the easiest publisher: http://www.blurb.com which will allow me to use their software to design the book - what I want on each page etc, while also giving a relatively cheap charge for publishing the book. If I come across a better publisher I may change, but for now this is the one I am planning on using.
I'm planning on asking my close relatives - my Mum, Dad, Grandma and sister - my close friends, and teachers at my school to do a letter. While I'm hoping to get near 50 letters out with the numbers I have, I may not get this number back. But I am aiming for at least 20.