I have now started to work on my Arts Leadership. 

To start off I have created a forum where participants can talk about the project though it is not compulsory and so I do not know how many people will use it but it is there to be used if people wish to. It can be found at Arts Leadership Forum

Also, I have written a letter to everyone who I am asking to participate in (to be given in person or via email/Facebook). The letter is the following:
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This week and the beginning of next week I am going to try and get some interest in the project and try to gauge numbers of participants and so that they can start to work on their letters.
This is the timeline for my project:

Before the Project:
  • 28th February 2010 - Create a letter detailing what the project will entail.
  • 1st March 2010 - Make rough lists of participants and numbers.
  • 2nd -9th March 2010 - Research private book publishing companies in order to have a book made at the end. 

During the Project:
  • 10th - 31st March 2010 - Distribute the letters to inform people of what is being asked.
  • 15th - 5th April 2010 - Gain interest and willing participants.
  • 31st March - 8th May 2010 - Receive letters from participants. (This long period is to account for those that start the project later than others to make up numbers.)
  • 31st March - 8th May 2010 - Receive some photographs from participants.
  • 8th May 2010 - Scan in letters and photographs. 
  • 9th - 12th May 2010 - Arrange the pages of the book and the content.
  • 13th - 23rd May 2010 - Send off for the book to be published.

After the Project:
  • 29th May 2010 - 11th June 2010 - Collect feedback from pa
  • 17th June 2010 - Talk to adviser to see how it went.
  • 19th - 23rd June 2010 - Create a report - assess/report how well I did; evaluate the project - what I would have done differently; organise evidence.